Multitudes Studio is a sustainable brand focused on rescuing & redesigning discarded textiles into new products.


Multitudes was established in response to the 11 million pounds of fashion waste Americans send to landfills around the world every year. Our studio hopes to inform consumers about the impact of this waste and inspire them to practice careful and considerate shopping.

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How it works…


ALL of our fabrics are donated or are discounted, dead-stock yardage. Our fabrics come from family and friends, thrift stores, fabric mills, and fashion brands. This low cost of procuring material, and our transparent pricing, ensures we’re able to offer domestically handmade products at accessible prices.

ALL of our materials go through a multi-step sorting process. This includes separating by fiber content, ensuring cleanliness, and usability.

Finally, our creative team starts designing! Our products are designed by collection. We always consider available materials, fiber content, and end use when a product is made.


Our goal is to become a full-cycle brand. Our first step toward that is to offer repair and recycling services! This means any Multitudes product that gets damaged in any way—like torn seams or stains—can be sent back to us for safe fixing. Alternatively, we’re happy to advise our customers how to take the best care of their products if they ever have a question.


We also want to encourage you to start recycling your clothing and other textiles. Those could be bed linens, kitchen linens, scrap fabrics, or fashion trims. If you send us your unwanted materials, we’ll send you a 10% discount off your next purchase! If we can use your materials, we’ll make an entirely new product with it! Otherwise, we’ll send it to a textile recycling mill to be converted into furniture stuffing.


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