About Multitudes.

Multitudes Studio seeks a new direction in sustainable fashion. The future contains a multitude of novelties, and we uncover them through creation. By rescuing used textiles and creating new possibilities, Multitudes Studio continually seeks reinvention.

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What We Do.

Multitudes Studio has been built on four primary actions.


All Multitudes Studio products are created from rescued materials. By using only unwanted materials, Multitudes Studio seeks to reduce overall waste while simultaneously adopting a completely transparent development process.



Multitudes Studio also functions as a platform to educate the public on the importance of sustainability. Moreover, we are pragmatists and believe in continually teaching viable daily practices for the everyday person. 


By treating all unwanted materials as blank canvases and clean slates, we “upcycle” all materials into fresh, new possibilities. Through repairing & rewearing, Multitudes Studio seeks to create a sustainable future while respecting the past.



In addition to and through continual education, Multitudes Studio seeks to build a community and culture, encouraging steps (no matter how small) toward a more sustainable future. Multitudes Studio realizes that “sustainability” is not one grand gesture, but a series of conscious (and sometimes difficult) decisions.


Sustainability is a journey to be taken together: in order to create the future, it will take multitudes - it will take all of us.